un/common skin featured by Elizabeth Avedon

The wonderful Elizabeth Avedon featured un/common skin on her blog today. Be sure to check it out! I am honored. 

un/common skin | 2012 Thesis Exhibit Curated by Michael Foley

It is finally here!


“un/common skin” brings together 19 beautiful, creative and expressive minds in a coherent visual examination of their worlds,” says Foley. “As artists, we share in common our need and desire to make sense of our existence by creating a visual language and yet we are all capable of expressing a profound vision of the world that is clearly unique to each one of us.” 

Marcio + Michelle | Sneak Peak

I'm seriously in love with this couple. They are the cutest and they are so happy. Can't wait to tell you more about them!

Personal | Sick

Today I spent my day so sick but I was thankful for a first look at my latest personal project. It is a project I have been longing to start for a while now and I can't wait to watch it grow and progress. 

Dance | Charleston Dance Festival

This week I am fortunate enough to be out shooting at the Charleston Dance Festival. 

Yesterday they had class with one of my favorite teachers growing up Dale Lam and boy is she as challenging as I remember. She has such passion for teaching and I love the way she has always stuck with educating dancers in the south. 

I had a blast shooting this class. 

It's too funny to me that I enjoy photographing dance as much as I do. It leaves me longing to take dance class and rejuvenates my love for the art. It's almost a little torturous sometimes. I will be forever satisfied that I get to incorporate two things I hold so dear into one sphere.

Personal Work | Traveling

Behind These Plastic Walls - August 2012

I have been traveling like crazy these past few weeks and shooting even more.

Right now I have a lot of personal projects in the works and some wonderful clients I'm preparing for.

But my goal is to start blogging more and sharing my work with you. So here is one of hopefully many.

News | Teaching Position

I have recently accepted a teaching position at Trident here in Charleston, South Carolina and I could not be more excited. I have always loved teaching since back in my dancing days and I feel that I have a lot to give and a lot to learn from my future students. Everyday I spent in New York this summer all I could think about were the ways I could make an impact on art here in the south. I feel this is my first step and I hope to continue expanding the horizons here. So bring it on fall semester. I can't wait!

Exhibits | Ways of Seeing

For the month of July I have a piece in the Ways of Seeing exhibit at the Rebekah Jacob Gallery here is downtown Charleston. If you are in the area be sure to come and check it out.  

Thoughts | Today it hit

Over the past nine months I have been slaving away in the School of Visual Art's Master's program for digital photography. 

It's not uncommon that I don't sleep and rarely eat. And when I do finally eat it's complete garbage. 

But I'm doing it for something I love and that can't be frowned upon. Or at least I won't frown upon it.

I am just coming to realize the magnitude of what will happen the day that I get to walk across that stage in graduation gown to receive my degree.

I will graduate from one of the most respectable photography schools in the country.

All of the sweat, tears, and yes, even blood -- sometimes we have to do some crazy things to get that perfect shot -- will have all been worth it.

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